In this Auto Affiliate X review you will learn just exactly what this Free email marketing software is all about.

Hi I'm Matt Murphy and I've been a member of Auto Affiliate X for a short period of time but I will have to say I'm really impressed with the whole process and what it can do to help speed up list building and make money on complete auto pilot.

I first saw this offer on the Warrior Forum. If you've never heard of the Warrior Forum it's basically a place where internet marketers hang out and shoot the breeze. They talk about all things that pertain to making money online.

Any ways back to my Auto Affiliate X Review...

After seeing this enticing offer by product owner Reno X about his free email marketing software that can help you build a list of subscribers and make me money at the same time I decided to give it a shot.

I was able to get set up and get started in 4 simple steps:

Step # 1:

Choose which squeeze page you want to use. They have 5 choices.

Here's a sample of mine Click Here

Step # 2:

Set up your email autoresponder account.

This enables the software to automatically build you a massive email list and the
autoresponder can follow up with your leads to increase profits dramatically.

Step # 3

Activate the free email marketing software

Step # 4

Start profiting with the free email marketing software

And that's it simple as 1, 2, 3,4  to get your software up and running. Once it's approved and ready to go you will also get free access to your back office that will have your visitor sign up stats and also a full library of marketing products so you can start sending traffic to your new free email marketing software squeeze page.

Pro's & Con's:

Listed above are my pro's for this free email marketing software. It's a simple 4 step process to get started.

Here are some con's:

Even though the software is FREE to use and set up there are some costs involved if you want to make money with your free email marketing software.

Here are the costs:

IContact Autoresponder: $29.00
Hosting: $4.95 (Free Domain)

Total: $33.95

Now I know what your thinking how can this be a free email marketing software if it cost me $33.95 to get started.

Well, my answer to that is simple. If you want to be in business and make money online or anywhere for that matter you will have some costs of doing business.

Any website you set up will need a domain name and hosting service. And the majority of those cost much more than $4.95

The software itself is absolutely Free!

In Closing:

If your looking for ways to make a little extra money online or looking to make huge amounts of money online Auto Affiliate X could be your golden ticket.

Have a look for yourself  CLICK HERE

You have nothing to lose! You can go through the videos they provide on the software set up and see for yourself if this is something you want to do. If not there is no cost what so ever with this free email marketing software!

    Any Questions Feel Free To Shoot Me An Email. I Will Try My Best To Answer It.